About US


Urban Style Media is a community-based Radio & Live-Stream Broadcast Station.


Our mission is to be an informative broadcast entity that allows our community to have a voice and to address the issues and concerns that affects our society as a whole.  We will apply our knowledge of the media industry combine with our business development services, to set the standards of excellence and deliver results that surpasses all expectations.


Urban Style Media aspires to transform lives while continuing to network and build a strong, upstanding relationship with the community in which we serve.  Having a positive mindset and exceptional customer service, Urban Style Media seeks to be a blessing in the lives of our listeners, clients and our community.  Urban Style Media seeks to be the most sought-out station of choice.

A Team Of Professionals at Your Disposal

D. CLIVE Bennett


Mr. Bennett is a man of many talents. He is owner of a number of businesses, including an  IT services company.  With a background in theological studies, Mr. Bennett wanted to use his business to be of service in the communities he frequents.  Mr. Bennett has been recognized for his acts of kindness by his clients.  His humility and giving spirit have continued to grow his business but more importantly his vision for helping people.